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Idaho Politics Weekly reported on a Dan Jones poll that shows Dave Leroy leading the Republicans seeking to represent Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, although a majority of voters are undecided.

This means that there is still a lot of work to do, but if we work hard and get Dave’s message out — we win!

If you would like to find out how you can help dave, click here.

To download the results of the poll,  click here.

Revitalize the American Dream 9:34 pm

Join me as a constitutional conservative dedicated to the rule of law.  A limited function, budget balanced federal government respectful of strong states and free citizens must be our goal.  It is respect for individual liberty, personal property rights and appreciation for the free market system that must be sought and preserved to revive the American Dream.  Every law we pass is coercive upon some party to some degree.

Thus, Members of Congress, before a vote must always ask: “Is this constitutional, necessary, as limited in scope as possible and in the interest of my constituents?”

Leroy campaign announces fundraising numbers and endorsements 9:41 pm

BOISE — Leroy for Idaho, the committee dedicated to electing Dave Leroy in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, announced a fundraising haul of $114,004 in a 6-week period for the quarter ending on June 30th.

Leroy for Idaho also announced Roy Eiguren, a respected, conservative fundraiser and public policy advocate, as his campaign co-chairman. Eiguren celebrated Leroy’s strong initial fundraising, stating, “This strong start affords us the ability to effectively inform every first district voter of Dave’s conservative, constitutional message of reducing America’s bloated federal bureaucracy, protecting our borders, and upholding the founding principles that helped shape America and the great state of Idaho”.

In addition to Eiguren’s support, Leroy picked up the endorsements of Former Governor Phil Batt and Former First Lady Patricia Kempthorne. Phil Batt served as the 29th Governor of Idaho, serving from 1995 to 1999 and Patricia Kempthorne was first lady from 1999 until 2006. Kempthorne will be also joining Eiguren as co-chairman of the Leroy for Idaho Campaign.

A total of 89 donors contributed to the Leroy for Idaho Campaign, with more than 90% of the donations coming from the people of Idaho. Dave and Nancy Leroy contributed $50,000 to show their commitment to serving the people of Idaho’s 1st Congressional District as their next congressman. The Leroy for Idaho Campaign looks forward to building on this momentum as they meet and engage as many Idahoans as possible.

Why I’m running 4:39 pm

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, while retaining party majorities in the House and Senate, presents a singular opportunity to address and resolve the political gridlock which has paralyzed this Country’s legislative and policy making processes.